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Samsung S10, no Wireless AA - airblizzard - 06-20-2021

Wired works fine.

System requirements:
a. Raspberry Pi 4B 4gb ram
b. Official power supply.
c. UGREEN USB Sound Card
d. Yes
e. Panda Bluetooth 4.0 USB
f. Official 7" touchscreen

2. Android Auto:
a. Version 6.6.612134-release
b. Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 11

Followed all steps in

Bluetooth is connected, OAP hotspot is connected, 5 GHz AA wireless is enabled in OAP and phone. When I tap Wireless in OAP, I get the message "Android Auto is currently unavailable".

[2021-06-09 20:23:42.549123] [0xa49fa150] [info]    [OpenAuto] [AndroidAutoManager] triggering wifi connection.
[2021-06-09 20:23:42.552480] [0xb0ba9980] [info]    [OpenAuto] [AndroidAutoWirelessProfile] triggered connection, ip address:, active: false, socket: 0, wireless status: true
[2021-06-09 20:23:42.552643] [0xb0ba9980] [info]    [OpenAuto] [AndroidAutoWirelessProfile] triggering connection rejected.
[2021-06-09 20:23:42.552823] [0xa51fb150] [info]    [OpenAuto] [AndroidAutoManager] wait for usb device.

RE: Samsung S10, no Wireless AA - Ayala831 - 07-01-2021

Have you been able to fix your problem? I have the same issue

RE: Samsung S10, no Wireless AA - Hoodie - 07-01-2021

I have been looking for a new USB BT to stop the music skipping. I believe the Panda does not support car stereos which will prevent AA wireless.