Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Screen Split/ shared - Android auto + Other
I am willing to have

1. android auto running on one part of my screen
2. keep the other half/part available to display some data (this woudl be the reason to go from the non official solution) i receive over the CANbus,

is this somehting that is feasible with the actual version of OpenAuto pro?

We consider to add "splitting" feature to the OpenAuto Pro backlog but there are still some open points to discuss. The most important is screen type and its resolution. The most popular screen used with OpenAuto Pro is official RPI 7'' touchscreen with 800x480 resolution (compatibility combined with fair price). Anyway, 800x480 resolution seems to be too small to handle splitting in reasonable way.
Thanks for your response, do you think this

Is feasible for open auto ?
Unfortunatelly, this will not work with OpenAuto.
Going back on this since i did bought openauto since then,
1. while I am able to restrict the zone of my full screen where openauto launches (using xrandr --setmonitor)
2. once I launch android Auto it's taking the full screen. Is there any way to restrict this?

The reason I am asking this is because i'd like to take better advantage of a bigger touch screen (1920x1080) and display some more information like weather and car status.

Anyway you could help on this (last) topic ?

Hi, can you put a photo how it looks like on the screen?

We are not sure if you can restrict AA at all. You need to investigate it.
See the two images attached show how openauto is scaled (scaling using xrandr) to leave some room for anything else

1. full1 is pretty good - touch screen works well on the fake full screen- when connecting to AA - AA takes the full real screen without caring about openauto limits
2. full2 shows something i think should be fixed in the way the header is scaled (anything you could do about this ?) - but again touch screen works fine there

So if anyone has a clue of: how Android gets back the actual configuration of the screen and goes full screen ?

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Do you think there is an easy way to solve the way the top bar is scaled ?so that i could display open auto side with another app?
With the newer RPI4b, would the duel HDMI out solve the for you? I was also curious can we run AA on a separate screen? As of now I am using the official screen 7". But I have a 2nd screen the will use the HDMI connection. I wouldn't know where to start as I have tried to use the ribbon out and HDMI on the PI3B+. that didn't work. I have not tried to use the ribbon and HDMI on the PI4. If the ribbon out won't work with the HDMI, would the 2 HDMI monitors?

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