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Lowering brightness at night - Theelichtje - 05-21-2019

I've configured my RTC to work with openauto, but i'm wondering whether it would be possible for openauto to also lower the brightness during night mode?

Also, if possible, lowering the brightness below the lowest setting on the slider, in crankshaft this was possible by editing the brightness files, is something similar available here?

Re: Lowering brightness at night - szale9001 - 05-22-2019

I second this. Right now, my options are to either adjust the brightness manually, or set it at 50% which is a bit too dark during the day and a bit too bright in the night. Adding an option for daytime/nighttime brightness levels would be great.

Re: Lowering brightness at night - skrimo - 05-23-2019

Why not using simple photoresistor, 10uf kapacitor and simple script. And you have auto brightness, for less than 2euros.

Or use tsl2561/2581 lux sensor and script provided on this forum.

Or you can set a simple cronjob on raspberry that will make screen low from time to time, and bright from time to time

Not shure if it will work on any screen but it does work on official 7" touchscreen.