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Rotating screen on Raspi 4 - Zedeau - 05-23-2022

I just bought the Openauto pro, I have a small setup for testing including a Raspi 4 and 7 inches touchless display but it shows the menu in portrait mode
Is there a way to rotate the screen ?
I've seen that on raspi 4 you cannot do it on the /boot/config.txt file since it uses different drivers, there is a command available but there is no way to SSH to the Openauto tools, right ?

RE: Rotating screen on Raspi 4 - Daniel_BlueWave - 05-23-2022

You can ssh into RPI as in regular Raspberry Pi OS

RE: Rotating screen on Raspi 4 - kielligzind2 - 07-26-2022

i have the same issue. I have a Pi 4 with the official 7 inch LCD touchscreen. But when i go to: "Preferences -> Screen Layout Editor", and i choose: "Configure -> Orientation -> DSI-1". Then i choose "Inverted" But only the screen is inverted, and not the touchscreen :/
How can i rotate the Screen + Touch 180 degrees ?