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Dual Display - Jstewart - 10-25-2021

Are there any plans to support dual displays for Android Auto?  I have two displays in my truck and it would be great to show maps on one display and music info on the other, such as Spotify.  Thank you for all the work you do.

RE: Dual Display - Daniel_BlueWave - 10-25-2021

Thanks for the idea. Currently we do not have such plans. However, you can check at forum at our Users solutions in this matter.

RE: Dual Display - GFunkbus76 - 10-27-2021

I'm setting my installation up for dual screens, but one will be my 'cluster' the other OpenAutoPro headunit.

I imagine you could have an app open up seperately, but would sort of be 'outside' OpenAuto and from the OS.

You can check some of my videos/threads but not sure they would help you directly. Good luck!