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Volumio - Jens - 09-10-2020

Hello dear forum, I would like to install Volumio, is there even a possibility in connection with OA? Many thanks for the help

RE: Volumio - Daniel_BlueWave - 09-10-2020

Is there a standalone application of Volumio available? As we can see they offer only image to flashing.

RE: Volumio - Jens - 09-10-2020

Hello Daniel, Volumio has to be installed via BalenaEtcher. I tried to run a 2 micro SD card in parallel, it only starts OpenAuto. Are there any commands I can use to get this to work?

RE: Volumio - budman1758 - 09-10-2020

Maybe something like this?

RE: Volumio - Jens - 09-10-2020

Many thanks for the help, Will both programs then run together? Or do I have to switch

RE: Volumio - budman1758 - 09-10-2020

Quote:Will both programs then run together? Or do I have to switch

There is no way you can run 2 operating systems at the same time like this.  Gotta switch.

You might talk to the folks @ Volumio and see if there is a way to install it as an app.

There are ways to use virtual machines but don't have any experience with that on a Raspberry. Don't know if the Pi is capable of that either.

RE: Volumio - Jens - 09-11-2020

OK I'll do that, thank you very much