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Beginning of the journey

 Here we are!

As you might already know we are the Bluewave team. We are the strong specialized group of software and hardware engineers with heads full of new ideas. Our profession is software and hardware development for the automotive industry but as engineers we stay open minded for new challenges not only from the automotive area. Couple months ago we decided to make an additional step forward and start sharing our passion with you! As a result we want to present you some of our finished projects.



Our first project released several months ago, the core of our activities, was OpenAuto. For now OpenAuto acts as a head unit for the Android Auto which is easy to deploy to the Raspberry PI board computer. But Android Auto is not the only planned feature of the OpenAuto. Currently we are working on the plugins architecture that allows to extend functionalities of OpenAuto and make it a complete head unit software solution. If you are interested in the technical details of the OpenAuto project, just make a cup of coffee and explore it's GitHub page




Power wave

It was done! OpenAuto project was up and running. Community was growing and enjoying the project. Many users decided to retrofit their cars with OpenAuto but the most important problem left was supplying power to the hardware. We spent many hours to find a smart way to resolve it and here it is! We designed our own power supply! The most important aspects were versatility, outstanding stability of the output power and possibility to react on the ignition signal in order to manage shutdown and power-up.

Supplying the power was not only the OpenAuto problem so we decided to not focus only on particular hardware platform but to provide the solution for as many hardware platforms as possible. That assumption required to take very thoughtful decision during the designing process. We spent a lot of time choosing electronic components in order to provide high quality and stability of the output. It was really challenging task occupied by many hours of work and testing but it was worth it!


We are near to release final hardware version after weeks of tests and improvements. If you want to have your own power supply with ignition detection, just get one from Pre-order in our shop. Take a look at the BWS CAR PS V1 data sheet if you are interested in the technical details.


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