Audi MMI 2G High

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Re: Audi MMI 2G High

Post by BlueWave » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:49 pm

Currently our main focus is on providing new features to OpenAuto Pro. Therefore we cannot guide you step-by-step in your project. Please do not get us wrong, but you should use adaptation provided for Audi and BMW as an idea: how OpenAuto Pro could be used by you.

We show, what the possibilities are, have provided list of elements and you should treat it more like DIY project. Try to make research how to connect rs232 adapter to Rpi etc. Believe us it is not a rocket science and you will have a lot of fun 8-)

Going back to your questions. We have mentioned that
First thing to do was adding a video input device. Mentioned Audi was not equipped with the factory TV Tuner and FBAS connector. Anyway, factory TV tuner was not an option because we wanted to use MMI 2G panel to control OpenAuto Pro. There are plenty of video input adapters for the MMI 2G High so we picked one and installed it in the Audi.

We cannot confirm that you can use it as we had different approach in our project and we are not able to test unit you mentioned.

In case you would like to 'copy' our setup you need LVDS video converter. We cannot recommend any manufacturer, as they are not available after some time (as in our case). We are sure that if you find one, there will be provided instruction how to connect it.e

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Re: Audi MMI 2G High

Post by Kruss » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:53 pm

What are the Settings in the config.txt ?
I can not find the right settings.
the picture is very pixelated and out of focus.

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Re: Audi MMI 2G High

Post by BlueWave » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:46 pm

Below we put parameters that are the best for our video adapter. It may be needed to adjust them for your hardware


Code: Select all

Also it may be needed to adjust Android Auto screen parameters - please take a look at our user guide page 19.

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