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Splash Screen in OpenAuto Pro
Hey everyone. I have made a custom loading splash screen for OAP. Please check and let me know in comments how this looks.
Hi All,

And thank you hpetersen for sharing and starting this thread.  This has really helped to add an additional layer of personalization to my installation.  I just wanted to share with those who dont know how to make the video, or are asking others to make the video, because at least for me most of the enjoyment is doing myself.  I'm new to all the Raspberry Pi stuff and have barely been learning about this stuff for about a year now, and this is really easy!

  1. Google any logo you want to be in the video - you can even design your own if you want. Once you find one you like, download it.
  2. Personally I use the following website to make my video:  go to the videos section and it has hundreds of templpates with cool effects and all you have to do is pick one you like, upload your logo, and download.  No video editing skills needed, period.  You can even make your own logo on this site if you want.
  3. Download your video and convert it to .h264 - I personally use Adobe Media Encoder
  4. Follow hpetersen's instrctions from here...
It really easy and doing it yourself is better because you can make the video exactly how you want it.
I'm new to Raspberry Pi (Pi4) and OpenAuto Pro - just purchased.
I thought I'd have a go at creating my own animation for the boot so made an MP4 (about 20 seconds long) and converted it to .h264.

I looked at the instructions to amend the animation;-

Edit the service file "sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/openautopro.splash.service"
Change enviroment variable to match the name of the .h264 file e.g. "Environment="OPENAUTO_SPLASH_VIDEOS=/usr/share/openautopro/audi_splash.h264"

In my Environment statement, there were 2 splash files so I copied my animation to make a duplicate as I didn't know what the 2 animations were for.

I changed the statement to Environment="OPENAUTO_SPLASH_VIDEOS=/home/pi/Python-Projects/Car_splash.h264:/home/pi/Python-Projects/Car_splash2.h264"

I then rebooted the Pi4 and after a few seconds my animation started showing - GREAT! but now it is just stuck there on the final bit of the animation (nothing changing). I don't know how to get out of it or what I did wrong! Any advice?

Many thanks.

OPENAUTO_SPLASH_VIDEOS variable stores list of h264 files (separated by : ) that will be played one by one during boot. Last file on the list will be looped until boot is finished. You do not need to follow the approach with animation splitted to many h264 files - you can create one h264 file long enough to cover whole boot time.
I can't seem to download the template anymore, I would love a custom animation for Chrysler on the official raspberry pi screen, thanks
I used the templates from the linked XDA forum earlier in the thread.
Chose one of the VW ones, created a project in Final Cut Pro, and set it to play back at 24FPS and 800x480 resolution (RPi Touchscreen), pasted the pictures in and set length to 1 frame for each and exported as video.
The "Still" part didn't have quite the correct color on the text, so I just grabbed the last frame from the "main" splash video, and set length to 1 second and exported the second splash. That way when the animation quits, it will "hang" on the last fram until loaded.
This particular splash has two animations though.

After setting a password on the OpenAuto RPi, I used SCP to transfer the splash-videos to the home catalog of the pi-user, then issued a command based from the first post:
"ffmpeg -i -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 23 splash1.h264"
"ffmpeg -i -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 23 splash2.h264"

I then copied them to /usr/share/openautopro (after renaming the original ones to splash1.h264.bak and splash2.h264.bak).

If you're interested, the files are here:

(04-04-2021, 10:22 PM)Gartimusprime Wrote: I can't seem to download the template anymore, I would love a custom animation for Chrysler on the official raspberry pi screen, thanks

I made one based on this YouTube video:


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