Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Splash Screen in OpenAuto Pro
Hi Community,

I have created an quick custom splash screen for my Audi i would like to share with you guys.

If anyone else have some splash screens to share please add them here so we can gather it all in one thread.

How to use:
  1. Move/copy the .h264 file "/usr/share/openautopro" -directory.
  2. Create an backup of the original service file "sudo cp /etc/systemd/system/openautopro.splash.service /etc/systemd/system/openautopro.splash.service.bk"
  3. Edit the service file "sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/openautopro.splash.service"
  4. Change enviroment variable to match the name of the .h264 file e.g. "Environment="OPENAUTO_SPLASH_VIDEOS=/usr/share/openautopro/audi_splash.h264"
  5. Reboot and enjoy.

Audi - 800x480:
Preview Link -
Download Link -

Kia - 800x480:
Prewiew Link -
Download Link -

Template - Apple's Keynote:
Download Link -

To use the template just replace the logo and rearrange the image and animation circle. 
You can also change the color and size of circle to fit your car's brand.
Export movie from Keynote with h264 codec.
After copying the movie to Raspberry Pi you need to convert the movie format to real h264 using this command.
"ffmpeg -i kia_splash.m4v -an -vcodec libx264 -crf 23 kia_splash.h264"
Thank you!
Thanks, Frank
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So this splash screen is shown for as long as rpi is booting?

Can you make one for me with KIA logo?
Hi @skrimo,

Yes, the splash screen is shown upon boot and running until OPA is started.
This means that we will never see Raspbian desktop anymore.

I will see if i get the time to do something for you.
What resolution would you like it in?
I'm using official 7inch touchscreen so the resolution is 800x480

Would love to do it myself, but really don't have the "how to" to do it.
What software do I need, is there any tutorials.
I have added an Kia splash screen to the original post #1.

I've just used Keynote on MacOS and created an single slide auto playing slideshow with an animation.
Then exported it to an movie and converted the mp4 file to h264 file.
Thats just fucking awesome man!! Thanks a bunch
Would be great if you could share the template you're using so we can just drop the image and text we want in..
@mentalinc - Great idea, i have added the template to post #1 :-)
Here is a link to a lot of animations if we can get them to work.

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