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Bluetooth won't connect to RPI
I have had my phone connected to my RPI before, now when I try to connect it I get the error below. I have it set for the internal BT adapter. Any ideas?

When I click "connect" I get: "Connection failed - No usable services on this device"
Please check whether your phone is paired properly with Raspberry. Sometimes, especially on Oreo phones, pairing may being lost.
That is the problem I am having. The RPI has my phone listed under Bluetooth, but will not connect because it says: "Connection failed - No usable services on this device" I tried to remove my phone from the listed devices, but it will not.

Okay, after a reboot the Bluetooth connected, call audio works. Streaming music over Bluetooth though, is not.
Please try to remove pairing on your phone and Raspberry PI and then try to pair again.

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