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2006 Vauxhall Zafira B
Here is the setup in my 2006 Zafira using the factory head unit and screen. My plan was to make it look completely stock. 

The Raspberry pi sound is connected via Aux in on the head unit and composite video into the factory colour screen. I have fitted a USB touchscreen panel overlaying the factory screen rather than replacing it, this allows me to switch between the factory unit and the pi so I don't lose any of the original functionality.

I am using a 12v to 5v 10a step down converter to power the pi and a usb powered hub to keep the phone charged. I have also installed a relay unit and script to safely shutdown the pi 15 minutes after the ignition is switched off. 

Thanks for looking. Any questions please ask.

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Can you provide more info on the USB touch layer?
Like this from AliExpress
Thanks for sharing. Looks like stock head-unit. Are you satisfy with this touch foil (responsiveness )?
Yes very happy!! it works perfectly!
Wow that looks factory! Nice job :-)
Thanks, Frank
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(07-04-2019, 04:07 PM)frankpintosr Wrote: Wow that looks factory! Nice job :-)

Thanks Frank
How did you setup your timed relay? Same as the three relay setup on here?

(07-05-2019, 02:59 AM)GFunkbus76 Wrote: How did you setup your timed relay? Same as the three relay setup on here?


A professional electronics guy made it for me but yes I believe it's based on the 3 relay method.
@dreamvictim Great work!
You added only touch panel in front of original CID? What's the size of CID in Zafira?

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