Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 6.1
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When we can expect OBD feature?
Just curious to know if there's a predicted timescale for getting OBDII integration?  Not sure whether to go another route or to wait.

We should be ready within around one month.
How are we looking for this as I'm wanting to have a digital speedo rather than my car speedo! xD
I’m really excited for this feature! Is there a recommended OBD adapter?
Thanks, Frank
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We are using BT dongle with elm327 chip.
Is BT dongle necessary? Wouldn't it be better to use pican2 board and just wire into CAN line?
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Daniel, When you use BT dongle with elm327 chip, have you connected your phone with bluetooth at the same time? does the phone book appear? tried with a wifi dongle with elm327 chip?
Hi will we be able to customize the dashboad, like in make our own gauges and change the layout and background and size of the gauges
Let's wait for the feature guys, otherwise development can be never ending story. As you could see, everyone has different wishes.

We will provide you solution, then gather feedback and see what can be done. Stay tunedSmile

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