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Power Supply BWS CAR PS end of production.
We decided to end production of BWS CAR PS V1.

Despite our power supply was very popular, we decide to end production.

The main reasons are higher production costs, issues with last delivery from manufacturer and quite simple and low cost custom solution available at our forum.

Thank you all for trust.

Looks like you are lucky owners of limited series of the device 8-)
Ahhh that sucks. I bought the Mausberry switch, it was DOA and they are unresponsive. I was hoping to switch to yours!

Anyone have one they want to sell me? Options are very limited for this sort of thing!
You can have a look at this solution:

Requires some more involvement than one-board solution but works.
That's a shame, I just came looking to order one. Cry

Would you possibly consider releasing the design files as open source?

I am sure there are people that would love this solution that have the ability to assemble this but don't have the design ability.
You still have solution from our previous post.

We do not release design as open source.
Looks like thread from link was moved? Simply, link doesn't work, can you refresh the topic?
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