Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 8.0
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AVRCP Interface

I'm currently looking for hardware control for the Pi, and i learned that Openauto Pro supports AVRCP.

So my question is, do i just connect any bluetooth phone controller to the Rpi, and will it work?
Yes, the OpenAuto Pro supports AVRCP. To be more precise, OAP controls phone via this protocol.

We are not sure how would you like to use this in your case.
That's good to hear.

The reason i'm asking is as follows:

I have an older car (92' mx5) and i want to incorporate some steering wheel buttons.

So i want to use either this one:


of this:[url][/url]

I'm basically only looking for volume control, so something smaller would work aswell.

So if i have one that works via bluetooth, and i connect it to the Rpi, would that let me control media volume on Android Auto?
I'm actually using a similar bt remote paired with the raspberry. It works both when playing music from the phone in Android auto or when playing music from a local player
Thanks great to hear! So it does volume control aswell? That's really all i want it for.
Yes, volume too
Awesome! Thanks for the info Smile
I've had my bluetooth controller connected for a while now, but i can't seem to get volume control working.

Next song, Previous song and Pause all work, so AVRCP works fine, just getting volume control to work is an issue, but it works to control my phones volume when i connect it to that.

When i used xev, it showed all of the buttons i pressed, except the volume buttons. Is there a specific way of getting these to work also? Is that a limitation of the BlueZ version?
You don't really need to go down the route of AVRCP for SWC of open auto pro if your wanting audio SWC buttons to control the interface.

I myself built a custom USB to 3.5mm SWC interface adaptor so any PAC Audio, Metra or Connects2 SWC module for a vehicle can be used to control openauto's features like Volume, track, etc.

I'll post up some information soon about it.
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Sounds cool! Issue is, my car doesn't have builtin steering wheel controls :p

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