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Raspberry cam as reverse cam?
Anyone used the pi cam as a reverse cam?

What is the "lightest" software to use for this?

Use gpio to trigger?
In the next release we are going to introduce simple script for camera triggered by selected GPIO pin.
Thnx Smile

Do you have any date for this release?
We would like to include some more changes so expect delivery is within ~4 weeks. Depends on tests results.

Do you have any solution for muting for instance Welle, io when incoming call?
The is not our software. We just put it in the OAP because users asked for this.

For now it is not possible for us to mute it.
I too am looking at running the picam, as a reverse camera, I have some software that runs on older version of kodi, but not the Leia release, does anyone have any suggestions please
I'm pondering having an "app" added to the launcher like this

And have it call the raspivid command to run for 10 seconds (then adjust as required to what works best for me - not sure how long it normally takes to do a backup if that makes sense)

raspivid -t 10000

I can then push the button from the launcher, which will then give me a reverse camera.

I havn't tried this, but can't see why it shouldn't work.

The messing with the GPIO taking the 12v from the reverse lights and stepping it down to 3.3v is too hard basket for now...

assume will be something like this?

Maybe even trigger the autostart (not sure what it does but often you turn your car on and need to reverse, so why not have it auto do it?





Arguments=-t 10000

And confirming that addition works 100% as expect.

Simple button press and bam the reverse cam overlays! i just did a quick search for an image I liked resized it to 256x256 and away I went!

Still playing with getting the duration worked out


Name=Reverse Cam



Arguments=-v -h -t 15000
This probably works well for raspi-cam but not for a generic USB camera. Raspivid is not good for a USB camera. In fact, the only client I could get to work on my setup was "cheese" and it is just a touch too slow for my purpose.

Also - if anyone has any ideas how to trigger the GPIO when selecting reverse on a manual transmission vehicle, I would be very grateful!

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