Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Day/night mode

I've got a working setup with my Pi3, however for some reason i can't switch between day and night mode. (stuck in night mode at the moment)

The issue is in both the wireless and wired connection.

I've tried changing settings in the developer menu and reinstalling both AA on my phone and openauto pro on the PI.

Does anyone know what could be the cause of this issue or any tips on where to look next?

Try to set Day/Night in Developer Settings of Android Auto application to "Car controlled".
I've tried all the day/night settings in the developer settings, even set it to fixed day mode, but it still showed night mode in OpenAuto.

I did not have this issue in OpenAuto 3.0, could this be an issue in 3.1?

The rental car i had during my vacation last week did not have this issue with the original AA headunit.

I hope you have some more tips i could try.
I'm having this problem too. I recently purchased and installed openauto pro 3.2 and started using it with my Galaxy Note 8. Day/night manual toggle worked on the Note 8. Then I upgraded to the S10+ and couldn't switch out of day mode. I tried all the developer options.
We had a look at this and could not reproduce this issue. Looks like it is Android Auto or/and phone related stuff. As soon as we will find the reason, we will inform you.
We did the research and it looks like issue is on the Samsung phones side. The problem is related to the One UI and its night mode that also forces night mode in Android Auto. Please check your phone settings and try to disable/uninstall this feature.
I confirmed this as well. I don't believe there is a way to remove or uninstall this feature (without root). Turning the feature "off" simply locks AA in day mode. However, what I did discover is that there are more features embedded, which I prefer. If you select the night mode feature (press it, don't toggle it) there is a sub-menu which allows you to schedule night mode. There are 2 options, a custom schedule and a sunset to sunrise schedule based on your location.

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