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Can Bus support
I would love to have can bus support. with the SKpang PiCan2 board for Raspberry

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This is board is dedicated for RPI, so when you connect it, then it will work. You can write simple app for whatever you need and then put this app in the OpenAuto Pro launcher.

What precise kind of support are you looking from us?
Maybe direct support for it by switching on the board in the configfile. Since i am not a coder and quite noob in these kind of things...

Also some way to map then the canbus codes directly to buttons. Like what was done for MMI 2G (but there was serial rs232).

And to send directly information (for example what song is playing) to the DIS for example by using a plug-in or so. If you look into the code of Janssuuh for example? Or how i can implement it myself inside the installation of the Pro version.

I can send the py files by email if you are interested. But i think just better canbus integration will increase the use of it (taking out speed or status data out of the canbus)
+1 on that option Smile
+2 for that - as I am using the AV input via TV Tuner in Audi, I understand the RS232 TX signals/button mapping would interfere with my setup. CANbus support could detect MMI and Steering wheel inputs, giving me full control of the Pi/OAP..
-1 Just get an ELM327 bluetooth adapter. Cheaper and simpler setup.
We will focus on ELM327 bluetooth adapter.
ipepe post_id=1076 time=1549589390 user_id=220 Wrote:
-1 Just get an ELM327 bluetooth adapter. Cheaper and simpler setup.

How irrelevant is this?

An RNS-E is using Infotainment bus at 100KBPS and it's having button status on the canbus. Besides this also other canbus data is on the infotainment bus for example the data what appears on the DIS.

This data will never be extracted with an ELM327.
Agree, it needs a built in system to bridge over Canbus ID/data to commands + eventually something like a dashboard

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