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FM radio with RDS - your ideas for HW
Dear Admin,
 Just a quick intro, I am a newcomer on this forum; do not have any SW coding experience on High level languages, bought the Open Auto pro recently, yet to install it as i am travelling  , I am planning to put together a good Car head unit this holiday season ( have bought majority of  the required components) and I was feeling that the FM radio is a must, when i came across your post in the forum. I came across this link below and wish to share with you in case you havent come across this earlier.The HW and the SW details are in link below. This stuff is currently pretty advanced for me. However, if this could provide others a stepping stone to make rapid progress, my 2 cents will be worth it.   Would love to hear if someone makes progress and can package it to a level of HW and add on application for Open Auto Pro which we all could download and' use

Not sure what copyrights apply to above.
Thank for sharing. We already had a look at this project. The thing is that it is not commercial product and simply you cannot buy it. You have to made it by your own. We do not want to be depend from HW which is not supported by anyone.

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