Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 11
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Custom apps on OAP
How add navit and pyobd (or other python script) to applications menu in OAP?

Navit is installed.

PyOBD is installed (
Please take a look at OpenAuto Pro user guide (page 13)
I read the user's guide. I meant specifically what to enter in PATH in the openauto_applications.ini file to run the .py script. For example, pyobd-pi. I tried to enter in PATH: python /usr/home/pyobd-pi/ but it does not work. I have no experience. Please help.
To keep it simple.

In OAP you can launch applications which already work on your RPI.

In your case, you have to go to the point when you will be able to run your application on Raspbian OS as standalone app, and then put it in OAP launcher. This launcher works like 'shortcut icon' on Windows. What you are doing now is passing path to python script, so OAP does not know what to do with this.
Thank you for the information. When I find some free time I will try to make the script a standalone application.
did you find a solution?

i installed obdpy too.
Unfortunately not.

I do not know how to make a standalone program from an application consisting of multiple .py scripts.

There are many guides on the internet, I have not found a solution that is suitable for this particular case.

I'm trying to continue ...

Maybe someone knows how to do it?

If I think of something, I will let you know.
@Bluewave witch OBD are u use in the video?

Is it easy to migrate?
Hi, how can I start a .service file in openauto applications menu?

I have installed Webradio from [url][/url]

Webradio starts as a service: /etc/systemd/system/webradio.service

please help me :? ???
You can run standalone version of webradio

Name=Web radio
Path=sudo /opt/webradio/

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