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How to reduce ripple noise?
In my project I am using a raspberry Pi (3A+) and a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro as 'high-quality' audio source powered by the BWS CAR PS. To further improve the sound quality, I am looking into ways to reduce the output ripple.

Is there some more technical info available on what components are used in this switching mode PS? I guess adding some well chosen caps could be a big help in reducing the ripple and creating a smoother/constant output. Any recommendation?
The BWS CAR PS uses DC-DC converter and there is also one in RPI. Did you measure output ripple for this setup? What was the value in each case ( with PS and with battery pack )?

We have measured the output ripple of our power supply and it was low. We will refresh these documents and go back to you.


Output voltage ripple - max 42mVpp, it means this is less than 1%

DC-DC works at frequency 570 kHz - very unlikely that you can hear it

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