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What would you expect more from OpenAuto Pro?
Hi all,
may I suggest the following:
  • audio mixer
  • FM radio support
  • voice control using (LAN-mode system very popular in home automation)
The first two items are what's holding me back from moving to OpenAUto.
What about day / night mode dependent on car headlight lights off/on read from car CAN bus?
Car modification enthusiast, riding on Audi A3 8P 2012

IT guy with truck driving license  Cool
Add SMS reading and notification on OpenAuto screen
Add SMS reading and notification on OpenAuto screen

+1 That would be pretty cool.
this one is a defiinate must if it can be done then its a +1 from me also Smile
We would like to announce a small but fancy feature - fetching cover art from online services. Will be available in next release! Stay tuned.

Would be great if the home screen showed the weather and time (large clock) instead of the current two tiles.
that would be nice as an option
+1 vote from me
Ability to put reverse camera in horizontal flip (mirror mode) from settings.

Also, py coding to integrate a rotary encoder to mimic key strokes for increasing/decreasing volume, mute, etc.
For next release and thereafter, I hope:
-- CONFIG:  Add the ability to export/import all config files.  That would significantly streamline installing updates by exporting config files before software change and import config files after the change. Then one only has to update the changed and/or new config files as opposed to rebuilding from the ground up.
-- FORUM FIX:  When I login and indicate that it should remember me, it never does.  Now I realize that I live a fairly bland life but I think I'm interesting enough that it should remember me especially when I have asked it to do so.
-- BLUETOOTH MUSIC (A2DP):  add capacity to also play music from USB source.

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