Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 13.1
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What would you expect more from OpenAuto Pro?
Thanks to Bluewave, we now have the ability to have widescreen support. That's actually a pretty cool feature but a lot of us doesn't have a widescreen. It would be pretty cool if we would be able to use a small 3.5" second screen instead of the widescreen.
So what I mean is, display the new feature on a second screen instead of the main screen.

Would maybe look something like this. I used a picture of an Audi that I found on google. 


I think that would look pretty dope
Over the weekend I often changed between highway and normal road on my trip. Because it gets a bit loud in my car on the highway I had to change the volume also a lot. 
Since ODB is already integrated and the speed value is available, you could use it for an automatic volume adjustment.

I already thought about doing it myself in the background independant from OAP, but it would be more convenient to do the settings in the GUI. My first idea was using the microphone input and calculate the background noise. But it should not be influenced by people speaking in the car which makes it a bit more complicated. And of course also the music itself should not influence it...

With using ODB and the speed signal would make it much simpler.

Of course some car amplifier already have this feature integrated... my car unfortunately not.
Would really appreciate an functional portrait mode.
Currently it can only be achieved with messing with the DPI settings but this doesn't look right. In AA.
Also the basic menu's and the bottom bar in the OpenAuto menu are not scaled accordingly.
So not all buttons are visible, neither are te

Using OpenAuto 12 but can't seem to make this work propperly in portrait mode.
(I did check the forums for help but don't see anyone with the same bottem button bar issue's or strechted icons issue)
Playlist creation on the fly.

I think the ability to create a playlist on the fly would be a great addition to the media player. I have a pretty large collection of music on the hard drive that's attached to the Pi. During browsing thru all the files and folders it would be cool if you could longpress on a filename and that would go to a music playlist that could by default be in the root of the music folder.

This I think would be pretty cool. Sort of like random songs but the actual songs you want. Playlists could be renamed at will. For now it could just create "default.m3u" or whatever is appropriate for Linux. The ability to add to this file as its playing would be nice too.

Years ago I used a DOS program called MPXPlay that had this ability and it was a real handy feature.
"The glass is twice as big as it needs to be".
Good news! We added ability to display desired OBD-II data on the TopBar when Android Auto/Mirroring/Carplay projection is active. Stay tuned!

Great, well done!
@bluewave, I would like to see factory reset button & reset settings button in settings menu.
Factory reset can be equivalent to clean imaging, which will reset every changes done on RPI as well as on OAP. Reset settings can be resetting all settings within OAP
I wait for reading and write SMS without android auto

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