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Connected Screen an pins and Smartphone on Raspi usb

I have connected the screen on the GPIO and the BWS CAR PS.

Now i get on everyboot the Flash sign for not enough power while it boots and if I add my android smartphone it stays on.

Does the Power Supply not provide enough power, for raspberry screen plus smartphone?


The BWS CAR PS power supply has output current up to 2.5A which is recommended value for official Rpi power supply and is good enough for feeding USB devices, touchscreen etc: [url][/url]

What is very important:

- You should use good quality USB cables because they should be able to conduct higher current (from our experience the best one are USB Quick Charge cables).

- All additional wires like GPIO and ignition detection signals. Those also should be good quality cables eg. FLRY wire, rated voltage 60V and operating temperature -40...100°C.

- Remember that the connection points have to be stable in order to avoid contact bounce.

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