Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 13.1
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Consideration before buying OAP
Hi, I am planning to build pi head unit and considering OAP. I have few questions since I cannot find it in the forum.
1. Is it possible to use Android auto without touch interface? I have non touch screen to be used.
2. Can wifi become client? I want it to be connected to my house wifi to do data sync, updating, etc. Automatically when I arrive home.
3. I cannot find videos on OAP running its features except for playing music, showing OBD II results on dash. Is there any?
4. Is there any person who succeed using USB Webcam as dash cam in OAP? Is there any installation guide for that? Also, AFAIK USB cannot use cable more than 5m.
5. Can gesture control used to navigate OAP replacing keyboard?
6. Is there anyone succeeded using other touch screen than original pi touch screen? Many seller in my country advertised knockoff product as original and I afraid it will not be compatible.

Thanks for answering.
Here are some answers:
1. Yes, see videos on YT
2. Depends if you would like to use wireless AA or not. Additional WiFi card maybe be required. Matter of your knowledge about Wifi configuration in Raspberry Pi OS
3. Here is our channel:
4. There are users that have USB cameras installed. Search in YT and check projects:
5. No, list of gestures is limited. Check on our YT channel
6. Matter of configuration under RPI. Check users projects.

Hope this helps.

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