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FM Radio module
In an earlier thread about adding FM radio Bluewave mentioned an FM chip that they wanted to try using but there were "no boards available" for it. The thread then went down the DAB route and pretty much ended with no results to speak of. I just did a search for a module with the chip number and came up with this:

Si4703 FM Radio Tuner Evaluation Breakout RDS RBDS Board Modul For Arduino | eBay

Would that be something that would work?  Just curious.

This is the thread I referred to.

FM radio with RDS - your ideas for HW (

Here is a link to a git repository that might be useful.
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Thanks for sharing. We are also looking into this chip series. They are great. The Si4703 has analog output therefore we dropped it, however there are other that suits better our expectations.
Recently we were quite busy, but maybe it is good time to get back to this.

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