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Rear backup camera. Help with step by step instructions
Hi Everyone. I searched and couldn't find a step by step instructions to install a rear backup camera. I live in India and due to the weather conditions need a water resistant camera installed and I ruled out buying the official camera.

I have the below purchased
1. 170 Wide Angle Reverse Parking Camera Waterproof CCD (AliExpress Link)
2. USB 2.0 to RCA cable adapter converter Audio Video Capture Card Adapter (AliExpress Link)

I searched YouTube too for any setup guide and couldn't find any. I am no master at this programming but I can replicate the instructions exactly as it is. 

Can anyone please help me with a step by step instructions to install this rear backup camera? Appreciate any support. Thanks.

I am using RPI4 and the official 7 inch display in my car.
The OAP is based on regular Raspberry Pi OS, so the procedure is exactly the same like in case of regular Rpi. The best would be to follow manufacturer installation manual.
You can also find some YT movies done by our Users in this matter.

In addition there is a lot of post from other Users, eg.
Hi Daniel, thanks for the feedback. I went through the responses from the posts and the two I have purchased from the above links worked straight out of the box. For now I have not connected to any GPIO pins and manually select the rear camera for OAP. Works as expected. Thanks again

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