Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 13
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offset (margins not equal)

Just started setting up OAP and hitting a problem with uneven horizontal margins in AA. I have to use composite video (enable_tvout=1) from the Pi 4 because that's all I have as in input in my car. I've been able to adjust the OS overscan in config.txt with overscan_top/bottom etc to get in picture central in the OS & OAP but when in AA I have the right margin much thicker than the left. Please help!!

I have RPi 4 Model B & Oneplus 6T

Thank you for a great piece of software.
I was able to resolve this by adjusting the screen position on the screen itself. Thanks
Good to hear that. Thank you for the feedback.
You can also adjust Android Auto interface using vartical/horizontal margins and DPI parameters.

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