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RPi 4b No wireless interfaces found
Hello guys,

Noob here and just staring up.
So the installation went well, RPi 4b with Openauto booted without any problems. So j wanted to connect my mobile phone via WLAN and got the message "no wireless interfaces found". I went into settings to interfaces, no WLAN to enable is listed ? can someone help please? ?
Please try to toggle Enable Hotspot option in Settings->Wireless.

Please note that PI's WiFi chip is not able to handle both Hotspot mode and client mode simultaneously. If you use Hotspot feature, you need to connect additional WiFi adapter in order to connect to a WiFi network.
Thank you for your replay.

I already tried this, the screen froze an the pi did not react at all.
Try to re-flash the image on your sd-card.

You can also provide those info:
Flashed a new sd card and everything works fine!
Thank you

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