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Citroën Berlingo DIY Head Unit
Here is my Project, what I realized these days.
The Housing I used is from a later Version of my car which fit originally a 7 inch screen. As a screen I used a 7imch touchscreen from Eviciv. Which is pretty good.  I used a Raspberrypi 4 with 4gb Ram. It works like charm. A big thanks to the Bluewave Studio Team for this awesome piece of Software. With openauto pro a dream come true for me to realize a DIY Head unit for my car. 


The Rearview Camera is just a temporary setup. Need to wire it in the car. But great to see that it’s working just fine.

Next thing is set up. Working OBD2 over Bluetooth. Using my ZUS mini Adapter.

I moved my microphone from behind the cockpit to the overhead storage on the driver seat side to get better performance for voice calls and Google Assistant. 

In order to use an external gps mouse I ordered an ublox 7 usb gpsmouse.  
Now my openauto time is synchronized with gps. So when my phone is not connected I’ll get the real time. 

And I installed an 4port usb3 hub for future updates that are coming to my build. Such as dab+ Radio

Link to the GPS Mouse I used for my build.

Just add a Background picture for Openauto Pro. 1 Set for Day and Night.

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Simply, well done. Perfect solution.

Thank you for sharing your project.
Thank you.
Next Update for my build.
I realized a safe shutdown Solution with the circuit that is mentioned in the Power Supply and Safe Shutdown Section and Post named Raspberry Pi Automatic ON/OFF V2.1. Link to the item is inside the Post.

It works like charm and from now on I don’t need to shutdown the pi manually befor the ignition is turned off. They provided a script to shutdown the pi automatically after ignition is turned off and cuts off the power to the circuit if elapsed time is reached so no standby consumption of the circuit.
(03-02-2021, 08:52 PM)nourbanlife Wrote: And I installed an 4port usb3 hub for future updates that are coming to my build. Such as dab+ Radio

Could you please elaborate on this? How do you plan to implement radio?

I’ll try out one of these. From the specs it’s suitable for using with

I have plenty room in the overhead compartment to store the antenna. And dab+ is good to go in my region. I’ll post an update when it’s in the car.
There have been a few attempts at using RTL SDR dongles that are documented in the forum, hopefully you can draw some inspiration.

DAB is indeed something that I would consider mandatory in aftermarket head units in 2021.
This Project is closed due to the fact that the Berlingo is off the street.

Stay tuned....

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