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Volume/brightness slider steps

I want to adjust the top bar Volume/slider steps to be less than the actual. When you use the Idrive controller you need to do a massive amount of turns to the Idrive to just down a 20%. (I feel like a DJ on the turntable spinning like hell Big Grin).

Maybe there is a con file where we can adjust that. In the bmw they used to have an option to increase or decrease the rotary sensitivity of the volume knob.
Did you check in Settings->Volume?
(02-27-2021, 09:33 PM)BlueWave Wrote: Did you check in Settings->Volume?

I see the problem now, in Spanish the translation is incorrect and because of that my question.

In English it stands as Volume steps, and in Spanish " Sin volumen" which means "Without volume".

Please you need to fix that. In BMW radio they used to said "sensibilidad del control" or "sensibilidad del volumen".


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