Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Fail to get song info
upon boot every now and then, when i start playing music using the bluetooth music player (not AA)
it will fail to get the song info, i don't have any music controls or anything, i have to exit and reopen OpenAuto to get it to work while music is playing.
Suh Dude.

What version of AVRCP do you use? What music player do you use? It is mostly matter of the music player itself.
AVRCP is set to 1.4 (Default)
and it will do it with Pandora, and Spotify. Which are the only 2 players i really use.
Suh Dude.

What phone and Android version do you use?
samsung galaxy s8 active, android 9.0
Suh Dude.


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