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Widescreen Display recommendation
Can anyone recommend a widescreen display to use with OAP?
Touchscreen, 1920x720 preferred.
With backlight controllable by the PI?
I would prefer a barebones display (I'd make my own enclosure).

We use these:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
could you be more specific on which options you bought; they are several
i guess screen of course but then ? interface board ?
do you use hdmi and then usb for touch interface ?
maybe you can post the schema of how you connected everything

I think the screens don't support touch. I've also been looking around for widescreens that actually support touch.
By using suggested screens you will need a different input source like rotary encoders or the BMW iDrive knob
No, but you may be able to buy a touchscreen overlay separately.

I was looking for recommendations of Widescreen Touchscreens which the PI can control the backlight of.

Just so I can see some gauges while AA is running.

Another solution for me would be to be able show some ODBII information in the title bar at the top of the screen (like the ambient temperature is shown).  As for now this is mostly wasted space.

And maybe full Gauges on the drop down window below the brightness controls etc.

My car doesn't have an engine temperature gauge so having that shown would be great.
This one sounds good, not sure how the vendor is though:!/1...y=36742034

I ended up getting a "12.3" HSD123KPW1-A30 1920X720 LCD Screen Contrast Ratio 1000:1 Type C HDMI TF Card LCD Controller Board"

Search aliexpress as the vendor I bought from has it NLA. Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead to the idea of brightness adjustment.... So mleh... I Think there are ways to deal with it by hardware adjustments, not sure though. Some kind of pot to adjust the voltage to the BL... but yeah, would be nice to have it all integrated off the start!

You can check out my recent video( where i was testing a github app I found called PiShade - its supposed to simulate backlight adjustments. Seems to 'work' ... but haven't actually played on integrating it fully. With dual screen setup on my system its trickier i think(trying to specific which monitor/both etc).

Good luck!

 - Working on dual screen setup to run 1976 bus AV and dash... eventually.
 - Work in long-term progress lol

YouTube Channel for some related videos

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