Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Support for DS1302?

I have an DS1302 RTC laying around here, is it possible to get support for that as well?

OpenAuto Pro itself does not talk to RTC module. You need to check Raspberry PI OS capabilities and compatibility with DS1302 RTC.
I have the ds1302 working. I will search for the links I found and post more info tomorrow.

Actually I tracked them down tonight Smile

Here is the best option I found:

Here are my install notes:
RTC Support
mkdir ~/code
cd ~/code
git clone
cd rpi.rtc
sudo apt-get -y install python3-rpi.gpio
sudo python3 install
chmod +x ./scripts/ds1302_get_utc ./scripts/ds1302_set_utc

#to set the rtc from system clock

# to set system time from rtc:
sudo date -s ./scripts/ds1302_get_utc
#there should be backticks around ./scripts/ds1302_get_utc but the forum software stripped them out

#you can also use this instead:
sudo date -s $(ds1302_get_utc)

# to set the time automatically from rtc at boot run:
sudo crontab -e
# and add the following at end (EDITED 1/20 with what I have in my crontab):
@reboot date -s $(/home/pi/code/rpi.rtc/scripts/ds1302_get_utc)

Hope that helps

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