Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Audio applications not working properly (Pauses instantly)
Hello everyone,
I installed OAP in my car and sofar I'm really happy. Everything works flawlessly after some troubleshooting but one annoying issue remains.
When I try to play music from my phone via open Auto (for example Spotify or TuneIn) I press the play button and it instantly pauses again. This is the case with all music apps I tried. After the system has been running for a while it suddenly works without any issues. Sometimes it doesn't pause instantly but no sound is being played through the speaker, but notification sounds are being played. "Ok Google" works fine and I can the answer. Also music stored on the Pi is beeing played without any issues. Only music apps seem to be affected.

So fare I have tried:
-exclude apps like Spotify from power saving mode on my phone
-turn off bluetooth so no other output devices are connected
-uninstall and reinstall Android Auto
But nothing changed.

Would be very thankful for any ideas and recommendations.
Hello. Unfortunatelly, everything that happens in Android Auto is the matter of phone. OpenAuto Pro just receives audio stream (it does not even know what music player produces it on Android Auto side). It looks like something is wrong on the phone side. Did you try to check another phone? It might be helpful to reinstall Android Auto, music apps or do factory reset of the phone.
I've had the "instant pause" bug and the "no sound" bug, and I can confirm that they are phone related, they get fixed with a combo of manually kill Spotify, manually kill Android Auto, restart phone and/or OAP and any way restart the whole sequence. It sucks but I think it's a problem with Spotify and Android Auto communication, sometimes it doesn't get triggered correctly and then you are stuck until restarts. Try to restart phone only the next time it happens.
Thanks for your replies. I think I was able to solve my issue. In the settings of spotify I enabled "Device Broadcast Status" (I hope that's what it's called in english, "Übertragungsstatus" in german). I'm not sure if it was this setting that solves my issue or if it did somehow disappear on its own. Nevertheless since I activated this option I never had this issue again. If you also encounter this problem, maybe give it a shot.

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