Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Portrait mode for OA Pro
Hi guys,
Currently I've got an RPI 4B with an WaveShare 10.1 inch screen. 
I've got the RPI screen to rotate correctly with the touch orientation as well. 

When OA starts the buttons are stretchted alot.
The bottom bar icons are so big that not all of them fit on the screen so they are not visible. 
I'm not an expert with RPI but did check the forums for the portrait functions. But no other users seem to have this issue. 

The AA did start but is also stretched. Messing with the DPI settings did atleast force it into a portrait mode but most of the apps and icons are still stretched or too big. 
I know AO does not (yet) support portrait mode but I'd really like this project to work like this. 

Are there people who can help with the buttons and possible with the AA being a little bit off scale? 

Thanks guys!

1. Provide detailed description of your setup:
System requirements:
a. What is the version of your RPI?
- I use a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB RAM

b. Power supply details
-5V 3A for the PI
-and 12v 3A for the screen

c. Model of external sound card
- USB sound card

d. Do you have microphone input?
- Yes its on the same USB sound card

e. Details of your Bluetooth dongle.
- Currently no dongle used

f. Touchscreen model
- HDMI touchscreen from WaveShare 10.1 inch

2. Android Auto:
a. Which version of Android Auto have you installed on your phone?
- Version 5.9.604634-release

b. Model of your phone.
- OnePlus 8T

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Portrait mode is not supported
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(01-13-2021, 10:32 AM)Daniel_BlueWave Wrote: Portrait mode is not supported

Will it ever get supported (in the near future)?
Otherwise I've pretty much wasted the money Sad .
You can still use it in landscape mode.
We have this feature at out todo list.

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