Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Launch custom app
Hi, I wish launch custom open auto 's applications from gpio.... I wish installl some physicals buttons in the frontal panel of my chassis.
It's possible?
In case you would like to trigger lunching of the custom scripts based on GPIO state, then there is no problem with that. Just write a script like on regular Raspberry OS.

There is no need to involve OAP in this process.
yes , I have already write some script in boot process for enable the display and control the system shutdown, but I have adding a custom app in the op , in this case navit, and I like launch it in the openauto overlay....,
You can add your app to OAP launcher:
Have a look at this app.
"The glass is twice as big as it needs to be".
ohh... yes it's ok, but I wish launch the application from openauto overlay, for example:
i have install navit, and I have create the link on openaouto config-application file.
I can launch only it from application menu ...but from rapid trigger the external button it's very fast :-)
Launching from within OAP at a different layer in the UI - I wish.  I prefer to put launch points outside of the "Applications" folder, but this is not possible.

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