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Tactile Buttons
(12-17-2020, 07:51 AM)absolutezrho Wrote:
(12-17-2020, 07:33 AM)BlueWave Wrote:
(12-17-2020, 03:30 AM)absolutezrho Wrote: After using the pause button with the key mapping I found an issue where after starting the car, OA doesn't recognize the button press to play media until I manually press play through the touchscreen interface. After doing it once any subsequent presses trigger as expected. My typical use-case is when AA is already started and my audible instance shows in the sidebar but pressing the play button doesn't start it until after pressing play from the sidebar via touchscreen. Is there a way to get it to trigger from launch?

Looks like your push button is connected wrongly to the GPIO pin.

Pressing play on the touchscreen once after booting up allows it to work just fine, its just that it doesn't want to trigger to begin with.

That looks like improper connection of push button with GPIO pin.

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