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126ps restomod
Hi all,

I would like to present my project and maybe ask few questions about hardware and/or software Smile

Basicaly this is Polski Fiat 126p from 1993 but after major crash where almost half of the body required a repair I decided to raise my skills in bodywork and make a funcar of this one. Finally I bought 4 next cars because one 126p is never enough Wink

Body is renovated according to factory spec
Stock engine was swapped by 1.3 supercharged aircooled flat four converted from a carb to injection.

Due to the above I needed some dash to monitor the engine parameters in real time and then first raspberry pi was introduced on board.

But the more you have, the more you want so I joined the OAP community Smile
I want not only to use OAP as multimedia headup display but to integrate with it my custom built canbus over the car.

I'm planning to communicate OAPs sport dash with ecu by canbus (dear BlueWave I am counting on your hints in terms of redirecting/emulating canbus transmission to be readable by the OAPs OBD2 bt socket, as I can only guess how this socket works over bt). If this turns out unworthy of the efforts I can run my app that has similar funcionality and what is more allows to control windows, sunroof and even engine operation mode (faq: yes, it has sport mode Wink )

My biggest concern right now: where to place the screen to be easly reachable and visible even in heavy sun Smile
Dear OAP users, can you provide some feedback in this matter? Wink  I will post later some pics that presents potential screen locations.
Thanks for sharing your project. I would say it is quite challenging, but we keep our fingers crossed.

Regarding OBD good starting point would be documentation here:
and posts here:

In case you use original Rpi screen, you could do auto brightness. It should help with the sun. As a final solution custom printed cover should help.

4in1 126p with 1.3 engine, sunroof ... we are waiting for some pictures Big Grin

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