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Rear view camera trigger by command line

I am wondering how I can trigger the rear camera view via command line. I am unable to use a GPIO pin for this, as I am planning on using a Hifiberry DAC+, which takes over all of the GPIO's.

The signal will be coming over serial with an arduino, which in turn has a CAN shield which will talk to the car. Writing the script should be easy. 

Only thing is I am wondering how to trigger the view manually.

Any idea?

The only possible solution would be emulation of the GPIO pin. You have to somehow translate desired signal to the GPIO pin state and set that pin in OpenAuto Pro settings.
Thanks for your reply. 

Wouldn't that interfere with the DAC?
We believe that it should not but definitely we recommend to ask about opinion manufacturer of the DAC.
The DAC does not use all the GPIO pins. See this link.
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Ahh, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!

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