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Looking for Skrimo - soft shutdown
Looking for Skrimo:

You started a thread awhile back about a soft shutdown mechanism you designed using some automotive relays. That thread was moved and apparently lost. Can't find it anywhere. However, I saved an image of the diagram you posted. Problem is that, as I recall, you posted two diagrams and the later one had a correction on it. I don't remember which diagram I saved and I'm hoping you can tell me whether I have the correct diagram.

I bought all the components shortly after you posted your thread, but am just getting around to putting it together. I have also read that a diode should be installed between the terminals of one of the relays, but can't find that information now. Hoping you might be able to steer me straight.

Here's the image I have:

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Do you mean this thread ?
Thats the correct diagram I used to use.

With this wiring you don't need no diodes.
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