Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 13.1
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Custom Sensor with OBDII Gauges
Hello there, 
I am aware that one can use an bluetooth OBDII Connector to get OpenAuto Pro Gauges of Boostpressure and speed and so on. The OBD2 does however have a significant ammount of lag. So is it possible to display the data of a custom Boost Gauge like in this Video ( in place of the OBD2 Gauge? To achieve more fluent Data. 
Thanks for the help in advance. 
You still need a data source to display something on the Boost Gauge. OBD-II is the most universal way to access car's live data. You can still do the reverse engineering of CAN protocol that your car is using but it will be time consuming, car-specific solution. Also please note that connection of other devices to the critical bus of the car may be potentially dangerous.

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