Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Camera No Longer Works After Update to OAP 11.0

I just recently upgraded from Open Auto Pro 10 to OAP 11. The only change I have made is the version, but since upgrading, my camera no longer works. I just have a black screen with no image. It worked fine on version 10. Curious if this is a known issue with version 11 and is there a fix? Thanks.

My set up is:

-raspberry pi 4b (4gb)
-32gb micro sd flashed with Open Auto Pro 11.0
-official raspberry pi touch screen
-Roccat HiFi USB sound card
-lavier usb microphone
-Sainsmart 175 degree FOV RPi camera

Unit is hard wired into car, receiving power off accessory circuit.
Is the configuration in the OAP correct (GPIO pin, backend type) ?
Does camera work from command line?

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