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Speaker Noise On Start Up - After Market Amp

So when I installed OAP in my car, I opted to remove the stock head unit and install the Raspberry Pi in it's place. Doing so removed the amp for the car speakers. To remedy this, I got a new amp, put it under the driver's seat, and ran a 3.5mm jack adapter to the USB sound card on the Pi. This works great and I get sounds through the car speakers, but there is all kinds of noise and popping through the speakers before OAP has booted. Once the unit is up, the noise stops and speakers function normally. I'm guessing it's just random electrical noise on the sound card before the unit has initialized. My question is, is there a work around for this? Can I run some kind of script that disables the sound card until OAP has fully booted? Or is there some kind of hardware related fix? I would like to not have to listen to hissing and low concussive booms on the car speakers when I'm waiting for OAP to come up. Thanks in advance.

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