Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 11
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Quick Shutdown Button on Main Screen
OAP is wonderful and has been working well for me.  The wireless AA is good too, although it really does suck the phone battery down, which means I have to plug the phone in anyway.

The only annoying thing about using OAP is to have to manually shutdown the RPI before shutting off the car, to prevent corruption of the SD card.  It takes too many touch screen points to do a proper shutdown.  Exit Android Auto, Press Power Button, Press Shutdown, Press Yes.

Would it be possible to add a button to the drop down menu of the screen as a QUICK SHUTDOWN?  Also have it with a 4-5 second timer that allows you to cancel the shutdown if you hit it by mistake.  Or perhaps require that you hit the quick shutdown button 3 times quickly to initiate the shutdown.  This would really be helpful in AA.

I would also suggest removing the COG wheel from the main display for the Phone App.  I think it should be found in the settings menu, not on the main screen.
I used this topic to add a power on/off button on my rpi
I hope it will be helpfull
This is an option that I considered, but I don't want to drill any holes in my dashboard for another button.

Ideally, it would be a software button on the HMI.
Have you thought about doing one of the shut down methods on the forum?
There are several threads, that start a shutdown process when the ignition is turned off.

I'm using the 2 relay method, but I believe there are other methods now that will do it with less relays.

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