Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 11
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OAP11 can't restart after exit to Raspbian desktop

I just updated to OAP11. Tried using the update script, but since I was starting at OAP7 it failed. I re-flashed the sd card and reinstalled. Everything seems to work, but when I exit to the Raspbian desktop to do other things, when I click on the openauto shortcut on the desktop it locks up the computer...every time....and I have to unplug power to restart. I have also tried unsuccessfully to restart OAP from the command line. I can use the OAP "return" function, where OAP remains running but minimized, but cannot exit it, then restart it from Raspbian.

raspberrypi 4b 2G
soundcard: audioinjector zero (with mic)
3A power source
7" Official Rpi touchscreen (powered separately)
Navit installed and running
64G PNY Elite sd

Is the navit running in the background? Looks like performance issue. How it behaves on clean installation without your additional changes?
(10-12-2020, 11:54 AM)Daniel_BlueWave Wrote: Is the navit running in the background? Looks like performance issue. How it behaves on clean installation without your additional changes?

It runs in the background when I use the OAP "return" function, just minimized on the Raspbian desktop. When I use the OAP "exit" function OAP cannot be restarted. Any attempt locks up the computer.

I will try it with a fresh installation of OAP11 without any changes and report back.
OK. Here's the problem.

After flashing a new sd card, I installed OAP11. I exited to the Raspbian desktop to do the setup, password, etc, and did the update/upgrade to the current Raspbian.  After that OAP restarted without issue.

Then before installing any other software, I did rpi-update, which updates the firmware from 5.4 to 5.4.7. After rpi-update, OAP would no longer re-start and any attempt to do so would lock up the computer.

The installation script for the audio Injector Zero soundcard performs rpi-update during installation, which is why I tried that before installing any other software or apps.

This should be easily repeatable.
Please note that firmware installed via rpi-update command is always in experimental/unstable state. There is a warning about thar before update process. We test OpenAuto Pro only with stable version of firmware/kernel. What exactly do you need from 5.4.7 kernel?
The install script for the Audio Injector Zero sound card invokes rpi-update. I don't know why. I'll see if I can install it manually without rpi-update and see if it works.

I have been considering moving to a HiFiberry sound card anyway. Maybe it's time.

I just found ctrl-alt-D unlocks the system, so it must be something running in the background trying to re-start AOP.

Going to attempt to roll back to the former kernel.

and see if that doesn't fix things.

I rolled back to kernel 5.4.58, committed Aug 14 (before the release of OAP11) and it seems to have fixed the issue. I just verified that my AudioInjector sound card and Navit are still working. All is well again.

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