Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Android Auto rotated Projection and TopBar

Maybe I have found a bug in OAP or I just don't know how to solve it.

My Display is 180° rotated because of better viewing angle. In OAP this is no problem because I have changed the orientation in Raspbian with the Screen Configuration Tool. 
The boot splash I turned around with the OPENAUTO_VIDEO_ORIENTATION option in the systemd script.

Now Android Auto was still inverted which I was able to turn with the settings in OAP. In the system settings I have changed projection orientation to 180°. Now Android Auto is also in the correct orientation.

But, when I'm now in Android Auto with the OAP top bar enabled, Android Auto has a border at the bottom instead at the top. Touchscreen would be at the correct position of the display, but not of the Android Auto screen. So touch has an offset of the top bar size.

I thought then, that I can just turn of the OAP top bar so solve it. Unfortunately when I do that, the ratio of the screen is not correct anymore. My display has 1280x800 and it seems the Android Auto screen has only 1280x720.

I added two pictures, one with the top bar at the bottom and one without the top bar, but with out of ratio Android Auto.
I think the top bar at the bottom is a bug and I can't something there.. but is there a solution for the ratio in Android Auto without the top bar?

Best regards,

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What screen do you use exactly?
I can't tell you the exact type of the display because I have found it in a box without any information.
The connection is HDMI. When I powered it, the display writes at the top on the screem that it has a resolution of 1280x800.
We did some improvements in this area that will be available in next version.
Thank you for looking into this!

I will check it as soon as it is available.
New version with the fix has been released.

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