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Camera view not being summoned
Please have a look at
(10-02-2020, 02:04 PM)robinInTheHood12 Wrote:
(10-02-2020, 11:50 AM)Daniel_BlueWave Wrote: Try to trigger video using GPIO on your desk in order to narrow the issue. It is easy to do: connect camera and use wire with 3.3V to configured input pin. Would be useful to check it on few pins.

It is hard to asses your diagram as there missing pin numbers. What is the expected input current? What is the voltage level on the Rpi input?
What is the state on Collector if there is no signal from reverse lamp?

Yea I figured it was hard to read, I just cant display car components in Fritzing.

As far as the pin goes, the input voltage is 12 volts off the tail light circuit, and the output voltage on the pin is less than one volt since I used an optocoupler. Is 3.3 volts the minimum to accomplish triggering? I used the optocoupler to protect the Pi from voltage spikes since internally, optocouplers have no electrical connection and instead use an LED and photo-resistor.

3.3v is the maximum voltage you can apply to the GPIO.

But I read somewhere that the minimum voltage for the GPIO to trigger is 1.6v.
I found the solution,

due to the nature of optocouplers, there wasnt any considerable voltage on the signal line to cause triggering. I was able to get the camera view to trigger by replacing the optocoupler with a voltage divider in the reverse lamp circuit. This gives me 2 volts on the signal wire when I shift into reverse which successfully triggers the camera view.

If I really wanted to use the optocoupler, I could have ran scripts in the background to set GPIO 23 as a pull up pin and listen for a rising edge, but that seemed overly complicated and time consuming; the voltage divider is a much cleaner solution. Thanks for the input all.

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