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IP Camera support for reverse? Or in any way?
So, I haven't installed this yet, but I'm looking forward to.

Is there a way to support a reverse camera (Let's assume it's always on, powered via 12 volt from the car) and it's a Wifi IP camera...  Link to one that's common, and known to work... (using RTSP)

Known working one:

Obviously something like this would work using VLC pretty easily... it's been done many times...  Just have the camera with a static IP... Maybe a little wifi router in the car?  More links:

Article: (trying to sell stuff)


The point of this is putting an outdoor WIFI ip camera on the back of a trailer.  Or sides, or whatever.  So as you power up the car, it's there, and you can smash screen button, or whatever to view said camera image.  This is really helpful with trailers (Like using with an ATV or whatever) because running USB out to the back of a trailer is just kind of silly.  Running nay video cable out that far is silly when wifi does what we need.

I'd like to stress that features like constant recording, motion detection, and all that fancy stuff aren't needed.  But be able to see the stream when needed.   

Apologies if this has been answered... Search doesn't allow for searching for less than 4 letter words.


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