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u-blox GPS sensor

I have bought a u-blox7 USB GPS module, have connected it to the Pi, it seems to work, but I've "re-discover" how awfully slow the fix of a GPS-only device is, so far as it's almost unusable in my experience (I'll have to keep my phone close to the dash so that it'll will provide good GPS data). 

So I searched for A-GPS and luckily I found out that u-blox provides such a service. Check these links:

I tried to make it work in our case but I experience the problem described in this issue (no answer unfortunately):

I don't think it's specific to the code, I believe something else also tries to use the serial port and we get this error. So, I wanted to ask the OAP developers, does OAP communicate in anyway with the /dev/tty/ACMO port or whatever equivalent the GPS module provides, in order to "publish" the sensor to the phone? If you do communicate with the device, could you possibly integrate the above A-GPS code so that we can insert the token in openauto_system.ini and make it work?
OpenAuto Pro does not talk directly with GPS sensor. We use gpsd software as a proxy.
(09-06-2020, 04:37 PM)BlueWave Wrote: OpenAuto Pro does not talk directly with GPS sensor. We use gpsd software as a proxy.

Thanks for the super fast reply. Ok. Can you tell me what OAP does? Does it launch gpsd, perhaps with some arguments? Does it notify it somehow? 

If you could share abstractly how OAP talks with gpsd, I might understand what's going on. I don't even know if me running this script is completely incompatible with gpsd running at the same time.
gpsd runs as a daemon by systemd. OpenAuto Pro is a regular client of gpsd service. More details about gpsd are available at

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